Rigging for the long dark

I subscribe to Warren Ellis’ Orbital Operations newsletter, his regular Sunday rundown on where he’s at and what he’s doing. I always intended this site to work in a similar fashion to the warrenellis.com of old, a hark back to an earlier, slightly wilder web, and OO, for me at least, feels like a weekly best-of of that site.

Anyway, in this week’s edition, he refers to preparing for Autumn as “rig[ging] for the long dark” as opposed to Spring cleaning. That appeals to me at a very base level, that hunkering down and hiding from the encroaching darkness and sitting by the fire, spices and smoke in the air.

I’ve been on a four week death march for work, and have escaped to France for a week to unwind and see old friends. It’ll be good for me, and when I return I’ll be bouncing straight out to Ireland for DrupalCon, to learn and connect and embed in a new ecosystem. I’m looking forward to that, but for this week I am planning on burying myself in cheese and wine.

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